Bereavement Programs

Bereavement Programs

The Poppy Project collaborates and supports local hospitals and communities by providing:

  • Financial Support for hospital bereavement programs
  • Memento kits for parents.
  • Peer support post-discharge from the hospital
  • Scholarships for healthcare providers to attend formal bereavement education

Get Involved

Poppy’s Friends

A grieving parent wants to keep their angel baby’s name alive. Although they weren’t here long enough, their baby left a lasting impact on our hearts. Grieving parents can get involved by creating a Poppy’s Friends Chapter in their child’s name and serve on our community advisory board. This advisory board helps guide The Poppy Project to help as many grieving parents as possible.

“I wanted to channel my grief into something positive and help others struggling with a similar loss”

-Ilona Lukas- Co-Founder Poppy Project
Poppy’s Friends

Peer Support

The loss of a pregnancy or infant is one of the most devastating things that a human can endure. The Poppy Project provides 24/7 peer support. Our highly trained volunteers have been personally impacted by pregnancy and infant loss and are here to support you around the clock.