About The Poppy Project

The Poppy Project was founded by Brad and Ilona Lukas after suffering a loss of their own. Like many parents they want to keep their Daughter’s name alive and have some good come out of a tragic situation. The Poppy Project is named after their daughter Poppy Angelika Lukas

The Poppy Project is building a community of parents who are at all stages of the grieving process to provide mutually support. Whether it be emotional, spiritual, or financial the Poppy Project works to meet the needs of grieving parents and families.

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Poppy’s Friends  (Coming Soon)

Honoring your Child’s memory is an integral part of the healing process. Joining Poppy’s friends is a great way to honor your child’s memory. Bereaved parents can share a picture and their story on the honor wall. Parents can also serve as an advisor to the Poppy Project and fundraise in their child’s name to help other families impacted by the loss of a pregnancy or child.


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Poppy’s Friends

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  •  4-Some $500

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  • Go Blue Sponsor $2500
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  • Gold Sponsor $1000
  • Lunch Sponsor $750
  • Beverage Cart Sponsor $500
  • Longest Putt Sponsor $350
  • Hole Sponsor – $300
  • Slander Sign $40

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Help us support families impacted by pregnancy and the loss of a child.

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Memento Program

Memento Program

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